Powering Creative Entrepreneurship

The Creative Coast Donegal Initiative was developed and is implemented through the Local Enterprise Office of Donegal County Council.  Our vision is:

“To build a strong creative and digital economy in Donegal with businesses that are robust, confident, financially viable and collaboration-friendly, all impacting positively on the local economy in terms of job creation, as well as being pro-active and competitive on an international stage”

This project is by nature in constant evolution. Join us to develop a shared vision and identity for the creative sectors in Donegal.When you’re part of the Creative Coast Donegal initiative you will have access to innovative ideas and workshops from professionals working in many different creative sectors.
Creative Coast Donegal also regularly hosts events that aim to inspire new creative ideas, gives you the chance to increase your profile and learn the business skills key to making your business a success.


Working with Creative Coast Donegal gets your work seen in the right places.
Increasing the profile and the business skills of creative entrepreneurs all over Donegal.


Let the success and example of other creatives inspire you to flourish.
Inspiring new creative ideas and enterprises through cross-sectoral collaboration.


Build your dream business and make it sustainable.
Contributing to Donegal’s cultural heritage and identity as a creative, resilient place.

Join the Creative Coast Donegal

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